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Aluminum Color

Not only is it our name, it is what we do. That and more!

Aluminum Color is a one-stop source for fabricating and finishing aluminum trim and related products.

And it is nothing new to us. Since 1953, we have been supplying finished parts to some of the country's largest users of aluminum trim sections.

From start to finish, fabrication to finishing, when it comes to aluminum trim, come to Aluminum Color.


Our Mission

When you select Aluminum Color as your one source supplier, you select a supplier who has believed since 1953 that quality must be the most important component of our service. Add to this, dependability and competitive price, and you have the total philosophy.

Company Background
ACI is an independent producer of customer specific parts and assemblies for over 50 years.

With over 90,000 square feet of in plant facilities, custom fabricating, finishing equipment & a team of dedicated personnel. We can and will satisfy the most exacting customer requirements.